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Well, time for an update, since it's my Wednesday break.

Should really be working though.

Really, really be working.

My 1500 word essay is nearly finished. 250 words, references and I'm done. However, it's looking like a very clogged affair at the moment. Think I may have to sacrifice some semiotics sentences in the name of discourse and ideology. Hate having to do that.

Also need six references. This is my major downfall. I always put the refs in after I finish the essay. Now this can work for Havard style since they have footnotes at the bottom of the page, but not MLA, which I despise. mmmf. Need six refs too, at that. What will I do? Whatever it is, it'll have to be completed by Friday.

Next week is SWOT VAC (the week off we have before exams, don't even ask me what it stands for), and it will be spent on my religion take-home exam. Two 1000 word essays. Also will be spent on studying for ancient history, which is on the fifteenth. Lots of books to be taken out.

severa, I bought your birthday present on Monday! Might not be in the states in time for your b-day, but I have a little something prepared for that in the meantime. ;)

In other news....Steven's aiming to be moving up here in June/July! Whee! We stuck it through. Dad will no doubt be relieved to see the phone bills going down significantly. -_-;

And now....time to see if I can find a port for my USB cable. Essay time.

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