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Troy was fantastic. Save for some glaring errors. I guess they did say 'Based on Homer's Iliad', so I assume that means they can allow for some seriously big mistakes to be made.

Arrrrrgh! How dare they butcher the story of Agammemnon's death!

Briseis was a war prize in The Iliad. The daughter of a Apollonian priest. She was not the cousin of Hector and Paris! Her character in this almost reaches what seems like Mary Sue-like proportions.

To cut to the chase, while Troy's burning she's threatened by Agammemnon (who wanted her in the first place) and she ends up stabbing him in the jugular.

Now, I know that they really didn't have time to tell us about Iphigenia, Clymnestra, etc, but they at least could have had some sort of afterthought, surely?! A little paragraph saying 'Victorious Agammemnon returned to Mycenae only to be murdered by his wife Clymnestra and her lover.'

Glad I got that one out.

Brad Pitt as Achilles was almost like Russell Crowe's Maximus in Gladiator. Lean mean killing machine hellbent on revenge, but with a heart of gold lurking under that armor.
Orlando was like Legolas in ancient Greece. Right down to the arrows. But it was canon, so I didn't mind. They were good performances for a Hollywood epic.

Adored Peter O'Toole's Priam. I think I might have gotten a bit teary when he was having a final discussion with Hector. Great acting, and I think that O'Toole can still claim to have the most stunning blue eyes in Hollywood (save for maybe Jason Isaacs).
Also loved the Trojan's attitudes to the threat of Greek invasion. "It is the gods will." Ah, never got tired of hearing that.

And also a pleasant surprise to see Sean Bean as Odysseus! I would love some kind of sequel featuring his adventures in The Odyssey. Very cool.

Other than that....not much else to say. I thought this was more of a historical-view of the Trojan war, which is a shame, because I thought it might be fun to have some intervention from the Olympian pantheon here and there. But all in all, lots of fun for classics geeks like me.

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