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I'm 500 words into my historical Jesus essay for religion. I'm going to conservatively aim to have 750 words typed by the end of tonight. That way, I'll be halfway through the essay with a week to go, and that is good news. many distractions though! Frasier starts in a few minutes, Queer Eye's on later, and SBS is *finally* debuting that really cool-looking prison drama, Oz tonight at 10 pm. I've been waiting ages to see that.

Going to use my Sanity voucher from Ben to buy Love Actually on dvd this week. About time I did....want to see the full video for Billy Mack's 'Christmas Is All Around' and all the deleted scenes so badly. Oh, and hear Alan Rickman say the phrase 'Lots of sex and babies' again. Rawr.

Ohhh, and the movies coming out! Definitely seeing Van Helsing. Hugh Jackman's going to be on Rove tomorrow night promoting it. Still have yet to see Kill Bill Vol. 2 too...refreshed my memory on the weekend when Maryke got out the dvd of Vol. 1.

But before the movies and the dvds....there is the essay. And Frasier.

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