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  • Music: upcoming essays are giving me headaches! And I haven't even started them yet. :p Well...300 words on my semiotics ad analysis.

Thank to everyone for the birthday wishes. Amy, your card arrived! Thank you very much. :D

In other bikie Mesopotamian lecturer is brilliant. He tends to ramble, and in a good way at that. Talks about his love of gin, getting old friends at Cambridge drunk, travelling to Afghanistan in the late 70s and not being able to get into Iraq....he's very enthusiastic, has a fantastic sense of humor and his making Mesopotamia far more interesting than the likes of Maurice French could. :)

The Classics society is organizing a special showing of Troy. Definitely planning on going, if only for the hallowed presence of Peter O'Toole in the film. Brad Pitt as Achilles, while looking every inch the bronzed Greek warrior, isn't a real attraction for me. :p

Whee, it's a long weekend since ANZAC day! Time to work and play.
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