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Waiting for a computer here at uni is amazing. You don't wait any longer than two minutes, seriously! And...I sighted a scanner earlier! I've wanted to scan a new pic for the Norman fanlisting, so in the next couple of days I'll do an update and accomplish that, hopefully.

Hrrm. It's that time of year again. I am eighteen years and 364 days old today. Tomorrow, I will be nineteen years old. What an insignificant age nineteen seems, hovering there between eighteen and twenty.

For my birthday, I will be spending two hours in a communication and culture lecture learning about semiotics, then another two hours learning Latin. My idea of a good time, I assure you. However, the family unit and I are going out to an Italian restaurant tomorrow so there will be a reward for my studiousness.

Not entirely sure what I'm getting for my birthday just yet....I think dad may have ordered tickets to the opera for me though! Carmen is going to be playing at QPAC in May. Very exciting, my first evening at the opera!

I love studying here, I do, but....boy, do I miss the kind of friendships I had in Toowoomba with Amy and Julie and the Chrises. I've got a new circle of friends here who are great people, but....I really miss the refectory chats and little Chris' stories and everything.

Ah, well. Studying all these lovely subjects does have its small cost.

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