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I wasn't actually going to update until I had gotten all remaining assessment for this term out of the way, but I currently have two and a half hours of doing nothing, so here I am updating.

Currently up to 1300 words on my Tutankhamun paper. Running out of words to add and things to say, but happy that I have this much done now nontheless. It's supposed to be in by Wednesday, so tonight I'll see what else I can add, put in the proper footnotes and bibliography and have it ready!

That said....bleh...not too sure if I'm going to look forward to the Mesopotamia part of the course. Granted, our lecturer is a bikie and he looks and sounds very cool, but....what little we did last year of Mesopotamia was kind of dull. And I will miss John Whitehorne and his pottering and British-academic-khakis-with-sandals-and-cockney-accent countenance.

It is rainy and mild long will it be until it's cold enough to wear all my lovely winter clothing? I'm tired of waiting. :p

This morning's religion lecture was....alright. The lecture was cute in that British academic way, but he didn't cover the material that he should have. Blast.

Hm. Not much else to say. Going to click the 'update' button and see how I can kill the next two hours and fifteen minutes.

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