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Nearrrly 800 words on my Tutankhamun essay. At the halfway point. Currently lacking in inspiration.

In other news....

Henry VIII is terrific, even though Henry would not have sounded like a British thug-like accent. And Sean Bean's going to be in part 2! Much to look forward to!

Watching Posh Nosh now. REG's character is acting so squee-worthy and so unbelievably snobbish. His wife does all the cooking while he sits around, sculls wine and taste tests for the best cheese. He's also very bitchy.

Hee...they even got a sort-of cameo from Hugh Laurie. What's not to love, I ask you?

Easter is not that far away...going to be grateful for the ten days I have for holiday.

And....God, I'm boring. :p Try me in a week when I'll have had time to go and see movies and go shopping for random items.

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