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I'm in an unusually quiet mood tonight. Usually I'm more energetic at night, but tonight I feel tired, full (nothing quite like the decadence of Italian food to do that to you) for once I don't feel like arguing with my sister over religion/science/which history (Ancient, Modern) class is the one to take.

My muses are also rather quiet. I was all fired up to write chapter 7 for my fic Love of Finished Years, but the mood's passed. Dreadful shame.

Since I can't think of anything else to write at the moment, I thought I might put up a quote from one of my favourite British comedies, Blackadder. These particular ones are from the third series, starring the lovely Hugh Laurie as the rather dim-witted Prince Regent.

Edmund: It is the way of the world, Baldrick -- the abused always kick downwards. I am annoyed, and so I kick the cat... the cat [there is a mouse `eek!' noise] pounces on the mouse and, finally, the mouse--

Baldrick: [startled, jumps] Agh!

Edmund: ...bites you on the behind.

Edmund: Well, Sir, let me show you our Paris Collection...

[Baldrick begins walking in from the the outer door.]

Edmund: Baldrick is wearing a sheep's-bladder jacket, with matching dung-ball accessories. Hair by Crazy Meg of Bedlam Notice how the overpowering aroma of rotting pilchards has been woven cunningly into the ensemble.

[Edmund approaches Baldrick.]

Edmund: Baldrick, when did you last change your trousers?

Baldrick:[as if rehearsed] I have never changed my trousers.

Edmund: Thank you. [to Prince] You see, the ancient Greeks, Sir, wrote in legend of a terrible container in which all the evils of the world were trapped. How prophetic they were. All they got wrong was the name. They called it "Pandora's Box," when, of course, they meant "Baldrick's Trousers."

Baldrick:[to Prince] It certainly can get a bit whiffy, there's no doubt about that!

Edmund: We are told that, when the box was opened, the whole world turned to darkness because of Pandora's fatal curiousity. [to Baldrick] I charge you now, Baldrick: for the good of all mankind, never allow curiosity to lead you to open your trousers. Nothing of interest lies therein.

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