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I have managed nearly 900 words on my revised Judaism essay. I'm still not entirely happy with the unfinished product....but that's probably because it doesn't have references at the moment...have to put those in when I format the damn thing.

Then there's 500 words on Jesus that I have to submit for Friday before my tutorial presentation on Monday. That is currently very muddled looking. I like the material I've got, but putting it into academic writing is proving a little difficult.

Blah, that's what three months of holidays does to you! You forget everything you learned about essay writing.

And then there's those two little tests in the next week. Latin tomorrow, Communication and Culture on Tuesday. I don't think I'll have a real problem with those, but I'm nervous anyway.

Hm, I think that's enough fretting for tonight. Off to see if I can polish my essay mess on Judaism a bit more.

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