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mnnn...I am going to be busy busy this weekend. Religion tutorial paper, essay and web evaluation to do. Good news is I'm already halfway through the tutorial paper and just about finished the web evaluation. Which means I can get a start on Tutankhamnun and the Judaism essay! ....Uy. x_x Going to be SO relieved when Easter break rolls around, even if I only have a week or so off.

The classics BBQ was yesterday at the Red Room (that's the university bar), and it was fantastic. I have found my place amongst the other classics geeks. People to yak to about the Julio-Claudians and the problems of 3rd diclension Latin.

Amy, if you're reading this, Happy Birthday! I hope you got the card I sent....I hope it's not lost in the mail. :p

Ah, anyway....back to the typing!
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