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dives, katernater, where are you getting those cool icons with the heads? Where do you make them?

I'm pottering around on the university computers while waiting for my ancient history tutorial to begin. Was going to go to the classics society bbq, but that fell through....mainly because I think it's on tomorrow. :p My bad.

It's really nice in here, if a bit noisy. I had to wait ten mins for a computer. There are more here then there are at USQ, but there are also more people. >_< Getting on the buses in the afternoon here is a nightmare, so I usually tear out of the lecture as soon as it's over to try and make it so I can get a seat! Unbelievable. But I can't complain, because a few friends I've made here come from the Gold Coast and have a two hour trip as opposed to my 45 minute one.

I really want to go and see Once Upon a Time in Mexico again....but I could always download it from Kazaa and save the price of a movie ticket. *frets over this*

Latin isn't such a disaster anymore. I got my first bit of homework back from Doctor Stevenson and got full marks for it. Also turns out I have less homework than I thought, so relief all round! But I will certainly know who to turn to if I'm having anymore problems. :)

Oh, and in religion on Monday...gah! The Sir Edward Pellew island group was mentioned...took all my strength to refrain from squeeing at the historical-figure-in-Hornblower reference. :D

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