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Latin is the devil.

Honestly, unless you really want to learn it like I did, don't study it.

My brain is literally fried from my homework. Plautus' comedy Aulularia was never so butchered in translation as it has been by me. Bring on the tutorials this week, because I really need one for this subject.

The next couple of weeks, my assessment is as follows:

Web link assessment for religion (should be easy enough, that one.)
7-10 min. tutorial presentation for religion on The significance of Jesus' death for early Christian understanding of Him.
1000 word essay on Judaism for religion

1500 word essay on Egyptian religion for Ancient History. (Technically, I could wait for a later topic, but Egyptian religion is the one I'm most interested in.)

Plus my weekly Latin homework. God...I'm literally going to sink under the weight of this work. x_x Here's to hoping I'll be able to make it through with minimal disasters and no nervous breakdowns and panic attacks.
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