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Dammit.... is not working. Stupid site, it seems to spend more time down than online. I thought about sending my stuff to Fiction Alley or another one of those kind of sites, but I'm not sure I can go through the trouble of editing all my work now. Maybe by the next holidays....

Andrew's gotten food poisoning. What I wouldn't give to fly to Germany right now and see him and cheer him up. Times like this that I envy those celebrities that fly to Paris, New York or Rome whenever they feel like it. However, I am grounded here....and what a shame it is.

What else has happened to me lately......I'm going out on Friday night with my dear friends for a bit of a party. One of my friend's birthdays is on that day, so it'll be a double party thing since my birthday is the day after. Hurrah! Also, one of Andrew's friends has given me my birthday present from him. It's feels like a small box of some sort....anyone care to hazard a guess?


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