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Update time!

I've put this off long enough.

Yes, the weather is disgusting and has been for the last few days. It is 41 DEGREES yesterday! And going to church in 41-degree heat is not good for the soul.

Went and saw House of Sand and Fog with mum and Maryke. Despite it being a really good film, I found I couldn't get into it...and it was wasn't a particularly happy film. But that was good. I loved Ben Kingsley's performance and will be hoping that the academy surprises everybody and gives him the Best Actor Oscar instead of Bill Murray or Sean Penn like everyone's predicting.

And today, I went to work. Nothing remarkable there....except that Val let me have a replica of a Byzantine icon of one of the Archangels because it'd been sitting in the shop for three years and hadn't sold and we needed room for stock.

Whee, UQ orientation this week! Finally going to get a new ID card that hopefully won't have ugly/weird photo. Jannike is going to show me around the university for a little bit and I'll probably go to the welcome for the ancient history/classics students (the religious studies one is on at the same time so it'll be the former or the latter, depending on how I feel. :p).

Anyway. This was short but sweet. More later on in the week.

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