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Of timetables and elections

I've spent a good portion of the last two weeks trying to figure out my timetable for this year. The good news is, this morning, I managed to fix it up adequately. I was hoping to do the Discovering Greece course for Ancient History, but I've had to do Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia instead, which is disappointing, but I enjoy all ancient history, so I will cope. :)

That said....accomodating everything has been quite difficult. Virtually everything was clashing until recently. Now I just have to sign up for tutorials and lectures for each of my subjects and wait to see when Latin tut times are and pray there aren't any more clashes. :p The timetable actually looks quite good, as I get most of Thursday off and all of Friday. Yay!

Also, it's two days until the state election. I'm getting bombarded with propaganda from all sides. Radio, tv, mail. I even saw a Greens candidate driving a car with one of those huge speakers announcing stuff. Frankly, I'll be glad when all this is over.

Steven's birthday's on Sunday. I'm not going up to Warwick for it, as he says he's spending most of it with his friends and I have to be here to vote. :p But the good news is that he's coming up for the next weekend, which is the Valentine's day. How sad am I? I am actually going to indulge in this capitalistic superficial event this year. We're going to go and see Big Fish and then there's a concert in the Botanical Gardens that evening featuring the music of Tchaikovsky and Strauss. I'm actually quite looking forward to this....hee, about a week until I see him! That makes me happy.

This journal entry was brought to you by Steph's boredom and need to avoid ironing her clothes in the laundry basket.

Oh, and I'm praying for you, scarlatti. *sends hugs*

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