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....and there was much rejoicing

We have the computer back! Even if it is still occasionally being unkind, eg. kicking me off AIM this afternoon and not letting me back on.

Looks like it's going to storm pretty bad again tonight. Means if Steven calls tonight the phone will probably cut out. :p Ah, well. I can content myself with working on the novel. I'm writing a Saint Valentine's vignette presently for it.

Maryke's lent me Issac Asimov's 'I, Robot' to read. I've read 'Robot Dreams' and I liked that, so I have high hopes for this one. *worships Asimov* However, I think I should start The Name of the Rose first. Eco is a professor in semiotics! I studied that last year in CMS. Should be very interesting.

Ah, anyway! Perhaps I should finish this post off before the power blacks out from the storms. *insert loud thunder here*

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