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Well, as luck would have it, the power source in our computer has gone bust! We are computer and internet-less until Thursday, most probably. This is agonising stuff. I'm sitting in an internet cafe in the city rabidly checking my e-mail and Golden Globe results on behalf of Maryke (Go Peter Jackson! *throws confetti*).

At least this post gives me an excuse to pimp my pretty REG!priest icon, even if he looks pretty grumpy.

Aside from that, nothing much new to say. I'm slowly going mad with the lack of talking to friends online, but I did finish The Power and the Glory, finally! It's proved to be a rather dismal book, but the end gave me some hope, so I was happy.

Now plowing my way through 'The Best of Father Brown' and planning to begin Umberto Eco's 'The Name of the Rose'.

Hope to be talking the all of you soon. *prays for swift recovery of computer*


Almost must cheer for the fact that The Office won both best tv comedy and best comedy tv actor (Ricky Gervais)! Yaaaaaaaaaay! Maryke will be most happy about this.

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