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Well, I have figured out what I'm going to do at UQ this year, after much stress/agony/conflict.

My two majors are going to be in Ancient History and Communication and Cultural Studies, my minors in Latin and Studies in Religion.

I really hope I know what I'm doing here, otherwise I'll have effectively messed up my future.

Next layout is going to be for entireity of Lent. So, it'll be Catholic-based.

Colour scheme: black/cream/red
Icons: Fr. Smythe- "Then We Get Tea!"
Brother Maynard (from Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
Fr. Willem (used before)
Fr. Andre (Pavilion of Women)
Fr. Ted? Bishop Brennan?
Cardinal Glick (from Dogma)
Christ on the Cross (from The Passion of the Christ?)
Fr. Mulcahy (from M*A*S*H)
Random Big Church "House of Love"
Closeup on Roman collar
Vatican city?
Crowd of priests
Paul McGann priest?

Wow, if I manage to pull this off, there's a good chance I'll be smote...actually no, I'll be sent to hell for being a pervy priest fancier. :p
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