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Of coins and course selection - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Of coins and course selection
Ok, so I found a Rhodesian pound....it was $795.00. >_< I've decided to get Steven a 1907 Kaiser Wilhelm II Deuscthmark and 1896 Tsar Nicholas II rouble. And I'm going to buy him a little book on the Habsburgs because he doesn't have one.

The shop also had Roman coins.....God, what I wouldn't have given for one of the Septimus Severus ones. Or Diocletian! Vespasian! Antoninus Pius! To own a tiny piece of history like that. *envvvvvy*

Course selection went surprisingly well after the initial drama of trying to find the terminal for the city cat (construction! everywhere! trapped!). The ancient history professor was so cute, I nearly died.


I've narrowed down my choices a bit as to what I will do. It's now down to the following:

Ancient history
Studies in religion
Literary Studies
Medieval and early modern studies
Communication and cultural studies

Yargh...that's still quite a list, isn't it? -.-; Well, ancient history and studies in religion are what I want for majors. The other five are going to battle it for my two electives. At this point however, it'll probably be literary studies and....arrrrgh! I don't know. -_-;; Too difficult to choose right now....want to do Latin but the last two on that list will probably be of more use to me. :p

Need to think on this more...

On a lighter note, may I just say the Brits sure know what merits good acting. *cheers Bill Nighy and Johnny Depp on for winning BAFTA nominations* Granted, Bill Murray and Sean Penn are pretty much certified winners, but I think it'd be cool if either BN or JD won. Hey, with any luck, Johnny Depp could get an Oscar nomination for Pirates! And then he'd be set. :D

Oh, and on a rather morose final note...PotC doesn't come out here on dvd until March! *wails despondently*

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From: threeoranges Date: January 20th, 2004 05:21 am (UTC) (Link)

My dad collects coins...

... All sorts of coins: he has plenty of Rhodesian/Southern Rhodesian stuff, as well as German silver marks. If you haven't already bought a selection, email me w/ the period(s) you're interested in and how much you want to spend (incl. postage). Dad may just be able to help in a shop-undercutting sort of way.
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