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Oh, holy crap.

I got my enrolment package from UQ today.

*tears hair out*

I nearly forgot that enrolling at uni was this confusing.

Right, I have several options over what courses I could do. Two majors, two electives.

This is what I would like to do:

Majors: Ancient History
Electives: Latin
Classical Greek
Theology (?)

Now, while I love all these subjects, they're probably not exactly going to be practical choices, despite that they all tie in with one another in one way or another. It's difficult, because I have to think of what will get me a job in the future over what my vocation is.

So with that in mind, here's a list of courses that will probably be of better use to me than being able to read and speak dead languages and fodder for dinner table debates with Maryke.

Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies
Media Studies
Literary Studies
Communication and Cultural Studies
Sociology (?)
European Studies
Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Communication and Media at USQ was without a doubt, the subject I did best in. It's also the one I found myself enjoying very much because it related very well to my English literature studies.

I have half a mind right now to e-mail my old CMS professor, Bruce and ask what I should be doing. But I know that for the next couple of weeks, I will probably be subject to much conflict and confusion. It's about what will be good for myself, and what mum and dad believe will be good for me.

Any advice on these matters from anyone in LJ-land out there would also be appreciated.

Uy, God help me.

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