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Warwick was disgustingly hot. And not the humid hot that I'm used to here in Brisbane. Dry hot. Spent most of the first day there dying sleeping in Steven's little flat down from the house.

The weather was to the point where you could not move for fear of getting up and finding yourself stuck to the furniture. Steven and I went and saw Love Actually (that's three times now for me). He really enjoyed it of course and loved Hugh Grant's Prime Minister. Damn anglophiles! Hehe. Went up to Queen Mary falls with him, did absolutely nothing on the novel, was offered food every two minutes by his mother, etc. Woke up one night and heard Steven talking like a Southerin confederate soldier to me. Ever so slightly alarmed.....he talked in his sleep every night. And what's worse, it ended up rubbing off on me too. Eep.

Probably going back on Friday for his grandmother's birthday. He wants to go as Fowler from The Quiet American and for me to go as Fowler's mistress, Phuong. I pointed out that the theme is rock n' roll but he doesn't particularly care. Ah, I'll see. I'd like to wear my blue cheongsam again.

Russian Ark is actually out on Wednesday. Might go out and see Cold Mountain and spend my voucher then. Whee, shopping! Also the same day I find out whether I've got a place at UQ or anywhere in Brisbane. Wish me luck, people!

*randomly wonders when the ABC will get around to showing the Coupling reruns like they promised*
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