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Yesterday after mass, the family unit and I went to Coolum to see my brothers and their partners, nephews and have lunch. Jack is nearly a year old and absolutely gorgeous...all blonde hair and blue eyes and the worst thing is he knows he's gorgeous so he has to have all attention upon him. :D Really plays up to the camera. Eli is about seven weeks old and he's just starting to smile. Dad got plenty of pictures...if Maryke gets the scanner to work, might put some up on the website.

After lunch we went to visit Paula in hospital. Ella is so tiny! Perfect little fingers and toes and dark hair. Got to hold her for a little while and then Ben came to pick them up. William must have been drinking cordial or something before he came to the hospital, because he was squealing and chattering on to everyone.

Don't know what brought it on, but on the way home I got the worst headache. I had a very restless sleep last night and a good portion of this morning was spent in minor agony. Took some disperin earlier and it's starting to wane off again. Bleh, I never get headaches...I've forgotten how awful they can be. :p

Mum and Dad are off to Woodford for the folk festival tomorrow and on New Year's day I think. I thought I might being going to Warwick for New Year's but that's not looking particularly likely at the moment since Steven's starting his job tomorrow. It looks like the middle of January will probably be more likely for when I'll be visiting.

If that's the case, then I'm thinking of maybe heading to Southbank for New Year's eve for the fireworks. See if I can get Jannike to come along too, maybe.

Want to see Return of the King again. And Stephen Fry's new movie 'Bright Young Things' is out too. Hee, Richard E. Grant is playing a priest in it. And he got billing on the poster!

Also had a spurt of creativity last night....I want to do up a website for all the icons I've made, just for posterity. And I want to write more on the novel. And and and!

I've just got too many ideas at the moment. :p

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