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A spectacular ending to the trilogy. And a rather cathartic one with much angst.

Do not deny the OTP that is Sam and Frodo. Rosie is Sam's bit on the side, but they did make a very cute couple in the end with their little halfling kiddies.

The destroying of the ring was everything I expected....the final fight between Gollum and Frodo was on-the-edge-of-your-seat stuff. As was Gollum scenes in general...I particularly enjoyed the sequence of scenes that showed Smeagol's degenerating into the wasted creature the ring turned him into.

Badly missed the Saruman scenes. I could tell where they were probably would have been. *sigh* I'll have to wait until the extended dvd to see Wormtongue slitting Saruman's throat.

Billeh was fantastic in this. The beautiful intercutting of scenes of the Gondor army fighting the orcs and Pippin singing while Denethor eats stuck out. The Gondor angst was palpable. I wish there had been some sort of Boromir/Faramir flashback....perhaps something else that'll be on the extended dvd. Also hope that may be more Eowyn/Faramir stuff...would've liked that too.

The elves were very pretty. Wondered briefly whether Elrond was shagging the pretty one beside him at Aragorn's coronation.

Maryke thought it was too bleak a film for her to fully enjoy, but I daresay I loved it and found it a fitting end to a great series of films.

*sniffle* Somewhat sad that there'll be no film to look forward to next year though, unless Peter Jackson gets the rights to The Hobbit or Silmarillion. Some of the trailers looked promising though....especially Troy. Peter O'Toole would be worth the price of admission alone for that film....I would stomach Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom for that.

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