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Currently feeling the after effects of a very filling Christmas lunch.

All in all t'was a good and merry day....even if it began at six in the morning. Serving the 8am mass with the Archbishop requires a high degree of mental can't put one foot wrong for fear of the wrath of Father Ken. Really, who's going to notice if you turn the wrong way with the candles during the gospel procession?! Most of the congregation have no clue anyway!

It was also rather hot...not only the cathedral, but the fact they put the altar lights on. However, mass was a thankfully short affair, lasting about an hour and five minutes. After it finished, I pretty much got out of there quickly and back home to the air conditioning.

Lovely presents. A beautiful mohair scarf that my parents bought back on Tasmania, and a six disc dvd set about the art in the Hermitage! That will be useful for the novel. Russian Ark also comes out in two weeks, so I'll probably rush out to buy that too. Other presents....beautiful obsidian sculpture from Ben and Paula, some toffees from Val and other misc stuff.

Lunch was comprised of leg ham, barbecued chicken, various salads and Turkish bread. It wasn't so much the lunch that was filling than the desserts. I had one slice of hazelnut chocolate slice and one piece of pavlova. And it was about then that I'd had my fill.

My nephew provided some entertainment for me when Ben and Paul sang a Wiggles song and he did all the actions perfectly. Ended up in the living room with him watching a pirated Finding Nemo dvd that Ben got from a friend who had just been holidaying in Bali. Then watched a bit of Enemy of the State and perved for a little bit on Ian Hart before he was shot to death. >_<

Then, much to Maryke's consternation, I watched some of the Vatican midnight mass. The Pope's homily nearly put me to sleep, but I do admire that he has the fortitude to sit up so late.

Checked the tv news just now to see if St. Stephen's was featured. Apparently it did, but I just missed it by a second. Ah, there weren't any tv cameras at the services I served at (thank God) but there was evidently footage from one of the masses today. Bet the people at channel 7 and 9 were too busy sleeping in to get to the 8am mass.

This is degenerating into boring rambling. Looking very much forward to tomorrow morning to see Return of the King, finally!

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