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I woke up this morning hoping to take Elliot for a walk....didn't bother because the weather is at the point where I don't feel like going outside today at all. You can't walk out on the bricks barefoot. Learned that the hard way, didn't I? :p It's like a warm bath outside, and not in a good way. The good news is, the weather forecasters have predicted a storm late on Christmas or Boxing day, so there may be a reprieve from this insufferable heat.

What I have accomplished today:
~Cleaned the bathroom
~Cleaned my room
~Did one load of laundry
~Did more ironing
~Swept floors

And I made the cheesecake! Maryke helped. She suggested we make a caramel one. However, only recipe we could find for caramel was part of one for creme caramel. So our caramel came out very toffee-like. Maryke tried it straight from the hot saucepan and it solidified on her lip, which amused me to no end. But condensed milk and other sugary concoctions make me very happy. And probably very hyper later.

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