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Mum and Dad are coming back on the afternoon of Christmas eve. So for posterity, I'm recording all the stuff I'm doing for the remainder of this week.

~Clean out the vegetable crisper
~Sweep some of the floors
~Make a cheesecake
~Do the rest of the laundry
~Clean the bathroom up a bit
~Clean my room up

~Do anything else that needs doing before parents return in the afternoon.
~Serving 8pm mass at St. Stephen's.

~Serving 8am mass at St. Stephens.
~...Well, it's Christmas day! Time with my parents, my brother Ben, sister-in-law Paula, nephew William and my aunt Cecile and cousin Marie. Eating, drinking, being merry.

~Seeing Return of the King at 9:30 in the mornin'! Whee.
~Watching World Idol because I'm sad like that. -.-;;
~Doing something about plans to go to Warwick for New Year's.

I have come to no avail for this one particular icon I'm trying to make. Does anyone know a good site with Moulin Rouge screencaps? I'm trying to find one of Satie (you know, the cute little bald composer).

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