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Aforementioned review

Peter Pan was lovely. But that said, it is a more of a kid's film. But in a Harry Potter-type of way. Some of the stuff in it wasn't entirely kiddy.

The boy that played Peter is a very talented kid. Ditto for Wendy's actress. Naturally, my favourite performance was Jason Isaacs as Mr Darling/Captain Hook. Mr Darling was a very similar character to Hugh Laurie's Mr Little in Stuart Little, and equally adorable. But Captain Hook was the best out of the two. Deliciously OTT performance.....JI looked like he was having the time of his life. And there was much Hook angst, which was also quite enjoyable.

Lovely touches of humour here and there, and a very strong supporting cast (Bruce Spence! I'm seeing him in everything! Matrix Revolutions, Finding, heaps of other stuff...). Pretty music....but yeah. Not something I would see at the cinema again. May rent it on dvd.

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