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Ah... the layout sorted and a good lot of the icons. Just posting this for my own future reference for what icons I have on hand and what I may want to add.

The three I began with for this layout- Norrington, Aubrey and Maturin, Pellew. The fanciable navy guys.

One Day I'll Fly Away- An icon I had on here last year that I made out of randomness. I think it's one of the best icons I made so I'm looking forward to using it more often than I did before.

Then we get tea!- Jason Isaacs as Fr. Smythe in The End of the Affair. Used this earlier this year for my lent layout featuring priests. The nature of the quote is known to but a few, counting myself.

My fandom is full of snotty academics- Eeee, I always wanted an icon of the Egyptologist! He was one of my favourite characters from The Mummy even if he was a arrogant sexist idiot who was disposed of fairly quickly. Nothing to do with the fact that the gorgeous Jonathan Hyde played him of course.

Cupid and Psyche by Canova- I've also used this one before. It's a beautiful sculpture and it was one of the first icons I used.

Assistant to regional manager- Ah, Gareth. Gareth's a character from the BBC comedy 'The Office'. I advise you all go and watch it now, because it's a brilliant little gem of a show. But yeah....that's Gareth. You may also recognise the actor that plays him (Mackenzie Crook) better as Ragetti in Pirates of the Caribbean. You know, everyone's favourite undead pirate with a wooden eye.

A love unseen by history- The Marquis and the Aristocrat! These two are the basis for my historical novel in the works presently, the marquis being Antonio Canova in the novel. It's actually a still from the film 'Russian Ark'. The Marquis in the film was actually the Marquis De Custine (found out after Steven and I deduced that the Marquis had to be Canova in our minds), but I'm not about to go back on the original plot idea. Too much research for that now. :P And I've rambled too much on this. Onto the next icon....

Leeko! Leeko! Leeko!- A screencap I took from a Strongbad e-mail titled 'Funny', which is my favourite one out of the lot at this point in time.

Harem- Ah, the harem icon I got for my birthday this year from Severa! I really do love this icon. *strokes it*

Percy and Marguerite OTP- The pairing in the Scarlet Pimpernel fandom that makes me squee and randomly call out "omigodtheirloveissopure!".

Niles and Daphne OTP- I couldn't resist....Frasier's still one of my favourite shows and Niles and Daphne are bloody cute together. This had to be done.

C-Can you see my halo?- Just had an urge to do a Professor Quirrell icon. Damn his adorable little 'I'm innocent!' face.

My fandom sells alot of wank- Fran from Black Books, another little gem of a show.

Future Icon ideas:

Doctor Who- The first doctor. I actually have done one, but I'm looking for a good quote at the moment to use. Any suggestions?

Norrington- Just one I did with a quote knicked from Red Dwarf. Also made, but I want to redo it.

Hound of the Baskervilles- Watson. Ian Hart as Watson icon. That about sums it up.

I, Claudius- Caligula, maybe? Maybe Caligula and Claudius with that wonderful question from the nutty emperor "Why do you have so much hair?"

One of myself! I'll use one of my photos and some random text and presto!

Another Homestar Runner icon. One of Coach Z with 'good jorb' or something with his way of saying job in it.

Might do something about a mood set as well. But that will have to wait until tomorrow.

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