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Using my Master and Commander icon. Just because. Think I'm getting a… - Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet.... — LiveJournal
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
Using my Master and Commander icon. Just because. Think I'm getting a wee crush on Paul Bettany or Dr Maturin. *loves her quiet academic-types*

My life has been painfully boring as of late. I think I may miss my parents a little, or at least I didn't like being away from dad since it was his birthday yesterday. However, we are getting postcards and phonecalls and they will be back next week.

I'm getting little flashes of creativity every now and then. I want to write a Christmas vignette for my historical novel. Should talk to Steven more on that though, since this novel really is our collective writing put together. He starts a job just after Christmas though, so any time together may be somewhat limited until he settles here. Miss him terribly at the moment, but I look forward to seeing him for New Years (hopefully).

Well, never mind! Val's starting to give me more responsibility. She's actually leaving me to run things in the gift shop on Friday while she goes to greet one of the priests returning from a sabbatical overseas. I'm a little nervous, but I've managed on my own before and I know what to do most of the time. -_-;

Also, Andrew's back in Brisbane, delivering pizzas again. The good news is that he won't be back for long, because he's scored a permanent teaching position at a school in Bundaberg for next year. This is good on account of the fact that I was forced to make conversation with him last week and neither of us appear to have gotten over what happened at the beginning of the year.

Bleh, all my American friends will have see RotK soon. :p Spoiler cuts, for the love of God! In the agonising ten day wait for RotK, I'm going to make do with seeing Peter Pan this week. Jason Isaacs will see me through till Boxing Day, methinks.

Anyway! I must get up early tomorrow so I can walk Elliot/jog/do something that may resemble keeping fit. Hoping all of you are well.

Current Mood: bored bored
Current Music: Counting Crows- Mr Jones

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