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"Kids, don't buy drugs!"

"Wait until you're a rockstar, and then people just give them to you!"

I've just come back from seeing Love Actually.

In a word? Fantastic. Richard Curtis is my writing God.

To summarise:

Want to cuddle Colin Firth.
Want to cuddle Liam Neeson.
Want to cuddle Alan Rickman, even though he plays a bit of an idiot.

Bill Nighy was fantastic. I want that stupid Christmas song of his too.

Whole cast was good. Lots of familiar faces from all the good BBC shows. The Office, My Family, Teachers, etc. Rowan Atkinson probably should not have been billed on the poster, but his cameo was damn funny.

My favourite character of the film however, has to be Hugh Grant as the Prime Minister. Britain NEEDS a Prime Minister like that. I'd vote for him if I was British. Loved how he stood up to the American President. Ha, don't know which one's worse: George Dubya or Billy Bob Thornton's portrayal.

All in all, it was a good ensemble comedy. The subplots were easy to follow, the actors all gave good performance and there was enough character depth for it all to work.

Anyway, looks like the oven's heated! Off to put the chips in.

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