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Ho hum...

Amy, I got your postcard....thank you very much. It takes pride of place on my duchess at this very moment. ^_^

Well, the parental unit are in Tasmania presently, leaving Maryke and I home alone. Hopefully we will be able to co-habitate without resorting to arguing like lawyers in a courtroom.

I bought the first of Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin novels yesterday, Master and Commander. More summer reading....and again, my Grahame Greene novels sit neglected on the shelf. Hrrm. Also want to read more Horatio Hornblower books this summer. Gaaaaah.....Borders tortures me so with it's three floors of books, music and dvds!

Also want Pirates of the Caribbean on dvd. When does it come out here? Probably not for another three or four months. :-p I'm missing out badly here.

We have our Return of the King tickets. First session on Boxing Day. Very excited but also saddened since there'll be no anticipation of another least for a while. Peter Jackson said in the paper today that he might make The Hobbit, but it would depend on legal matters or something. This gives me hope.

What, not much else. I have sent everyone's presents off save yours, Bailey and I'm taking care of that tomorrow.

So yeah....that would be all I have to say.

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