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My Christmas shopping is done! Presents will be sent out this week and the following week.

Finished the Da Vinci Code. And I really enjoyed it. Like I said, Maryke knows me too well. :p I recommend that any easily-offended Catholics avoid it though....the portrayal of the church is not particularly kind. But the theories and such presented in there are speculation and it's all quite plausible. The twists and turns were excellent though and I anticipate that a sequel is being written. And if it isn't, I will write to the author Dan Brown and demand that one is written because there just has to be one of some sort.

I saw Richard E. Grant's novel in Borders today, 'By Design'. *want want WANT* I have read it, but I had to borrow it from the library that time and I'd like a copy of my own. It was pretty cheap and it was the only copy left, so I'll see what happens. Need more holiday reading....though I promised myself I'd read those Grahame Greene books. mmm.

Hoping to see Master and Commander sometime soon. Depends on whether Steven is coming to visit. Which reminds me.....should call him now.

...Ok, Dad's on the phone with Uncle Peter. Have to wait a bit. :-p

Hrrm....might do a quiz.

Or two.

You look frantastic.
You are Fran Katzenjammer, you need a man,
or many men, rather. Voices are important to
you, as are nice arses. In series 2 your shop
will seem to have disappeared.

Which Black Books Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are fran
You are Fran
Overworked and overfrazzled, you spend all of your
time chasing after men or trying to sort
Bernard out. Your longest relationship was
three days, and even then he'd left you the day
before. You like Manny and dispair at the way
Bernard treats him, but you are perfectly happy
with exploiting him if the need be.

Which Black Books Thing Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


Which Black Books Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Oh, and a Hornblower one. Just because.

Your name is Captain Sir Edward Pellew, of course!
You always seem to know exactly what you are
doing and are a brillant inspiration to your
crew. (Even though you put Bunting through the
Gauntlet for stealing food from the hold!) Even
though you may seem like a chiseled old man,
you are really nothing but a big softy who
likes to pretend. Older women love you,
especially my mom. :P

Which Character from Horatio Hornblower Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Do I qualify as an older woman already? Bah. :-p I know a few people that'll vouch for the Pellew fancying who are around my age group. Hrm.

Well, two quizzes became four. What do you know? Dad's still on the phone. Perhaps I'll just watch That 70s Show until he gets off the phone.

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