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My sister's friends know about my secret life as a fanfic writer....egads! I had a heart attack when I found a review from one of them for one of my stories on Now I am not only in pain (damn these stupid bleeding blisters! damn these shoes!, but also embarrassed. Oh well....I suppose it had to happen eventually....

And now, for my fan club at school (I know y'all out there!) The quizzes for the day.

I like to think I'm not like a Barbie in any way whatsoever....however, I must be mistaken.*sigh* You have no idea how depressing this is....

I'm Nicole Kidman herself! Which Nicole Kidman are you? Find out!

This however, is good news. Sevvie, if you're reading this, I think this answer says it all. Are you psychic or something?

Which British Band Are You?

I used to listen to Pulp ages ago. Jarvis Cocker is a seriously kick-arse frontman.

Made by many not-so-well-known companies you really don't get the praise or popularity you deserve. Fruit, refreshing, and orange. Now if you weren't caffeine-free I might drink more of you.
Find your inner cola.

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