Hammer time

Soooooo, lj, 'sup?

I KNOW, I KNOW, it looks like I just dropped off the face of the earth after making my tenth anniversary post. I have actually been here browsing the comms and reading the friends page, but I didn't honestly feel like posting and I didn't particularly want to update for nothing.

So what brings me back here now then, you ask? FANGIRLING, OF COURSE. The Dark Knight Rises brought me back here because I saw it and had All The Feels about it. Sort of. Well, more about one specific thing.

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Next on the must-see list: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter! Out next week and the trailer looked awesome.

So, um, what do you want to know, lj? I am surviving in my delightfully American-style workplace; there is a company picnic in a couple of weeks (such an American thing to do), and my American supervisor (a New Yorker) brought red velvet and peanut butter/chocolate cupcakes for our team last week. The hours can be long and a bit gruelling at times, but I'm dealing with that.

My tv viewing at the moment consists of season 2 of The Borgias (I'm not absolutely hooked, but after playing Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood I am cracking up at all the Borgia/Sforza foe yay), Murdoch Mysteries series 5 (only 3 episodes in, no opinion yet) and I'm supposed to be watching series 3 of Spartacus but I'm not finding a lot of motivation for that yet (although I was excited to here that Marcus Licinius Crassus will finally be appearing in series 4- about damn time!).

Also been doing a lot of reading, a side effect of my bus commute (half an hour in the morning, and anything between 40 and 90 minutes on the journey, depending on the traffic). I joined BookMooch last year in order to give away some books I no longer wanted and receive ones I do want in turn, and courtesy of some kind Americans, Brits, Kiwis and locals I'm slowly making my way through Ellis Peters' Brother Cadfael series. I've watched the series with Sir Derek Jacobi but hadn't really bothered with the books before, so I'm giving them a crack. Also have Lyndsey Faye's 'The Gods of Gotham' to read. I feel slightly disturbed at all the crime and mystery books I've been reading, particularly when I used to feel kind of meh about the genre.

I will contrive to not leave as large a gap between updates next time. Perhaps I should start reviewing what I read? I kind of hate that I need to find reasons to post now when I used to do it without any thought. :/ Will have to sit and think about what I want to do with this little corner of the web. Till next time...
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REG is Sir Percy Blakeney

Steph's LJ turns 10

This journal turned 10 years old today. So let's start with an appropriate celebration gif:

It took me half an hour of sniffing around on Tumblr to find a gif that would somehow sum up the celebratory mood and be relevant to this blog. Internet, I am seriously disappoint at the lack of Ian Hart gifs online, the 'TROLL IN THE DUNGEON' moment excluded. I've had to settle for another long-time crush, Stephen Colbert.

I created this blog when I was 2 months into my last year of high school. I can't bring myself to go back and look at the posts, becuase I cringe to think of the way I talked then. I do remember that there was a lot of fangirl squee and quizzes in that first year. And there was angst about other assorted things such as exams and Andrew, the guy I was seeing on and off at the time. I've matured rather painfully since then...I sometimes feel embarrassed at how I used to write back then, but eh. It's the way a teenage girl talks.

In the 10 years after that, I've completed my undergraduate degree, did my honours and after 6 years of working part-time in bookselling, finally got a full-time job last year. Of my 9 nieces and nephews, 7 were born over this decade. I also dealt with the death of my younger sister- it has been nearly 5 years since she passed away, and I still feel her absence, particularly when I'm posting here since she herself was a blogger and commented on these posts when I allowed her to.

Hm, what else....I suppose this has been a relatively quiet corner of the blogging world. Only a few people I know IRL this place exists, some of them found it by accident and some people I gave the link to. I don't really talk about my current employers here....I think if they knew I was blogging, they wouldn't be so well disposed to it, so when I have updated, it's been fandom stuff and other areas of my life. Not that my job is really worth discussing....it's a desk job, and there are moments when I have to sit back and think of $$$ to keep going.

I would like to think I'll be continuing with this blog in the years to come, even if I don't post frequently. Livejournal is still my first port of call when I get home and turn on my laptop. I still read comms and yes, all of you on my friends list. I don't comment, but I am still reading. I hope I'm in a different place for the next milestone....I'm not unsatisified with my current lot in life, but I think I could do better, and I will work towards that, even if it takes baby steps. And as the past ten years were, it too will all probably be documented here, with a bit of luck.


(I like to think Chaveulin's reaction is how everybody reading this self-indulgent waffle feels. SORRY GUYS! :D)
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Dial 'M' for Mycroft

(no subject)

So, this year I will have been on livejournal for 10 years. I began writing in my final year of high school and March will be the 10th anniversary of the journal's creation. I will try and update more in this special anniversary year- I've become increasingly rubbish at the blogging thing but I want to stay here (in spite of all the design fuckery) since this has been my home for so long.

Christmas passed without anything major happening. Best present was an external hard drive with 1 TB of space, so I've happily dumped my mp3 collection there, as well as old uni assignments. Also received a metric ton of confectionary from my work colleagues (who don't know me well enough yet, so obviously chocolate is the answer) and 'Lost Japan' by Alex Kerr, which I will probably take with me on my trip (which is in less than a month now, omgomgomg). There was also a Myer gift card, which I will probably use to get an iPod touch, seeing as old Cicero is starting to give up on me after 4 years of solid use.

I feel like 2011 was been something of a mixed blessing for me. Inadvertantly becoming part of Australia's mining boom has been very good, but I do not see myself staying in the job in the long term. My desire to do postgrad has not dimmed in the slightest, but now I'm starting to wonder whether I should compromise and do a masters instead. The thought of giving up on the doctorate crushes me, but I have this horrible current of 'MUST EARN $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$' running through my head alongside the postgrad thoughts. And then there's the this new (well, sort of new, the dating bit is the new dimension to our relationship) guy in my life and I have all the feelings about that too. So! Hoping 2012 drops some more fortune in my lap.

Mostly though, I'm all about new Sherlock today. 40 MINUTES TO GO BEFORE I CAN WATCH IT.
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Carl Sagan is a Time Lord

QI Live and other stuff

I've gotten slack about updating again (and I'm going to blame the job for that- it's sucking the life out of me :/), but I had to post about QI Live. Really not a lot happening besides that.

QI Live was AMAZING. Well, not perfect but still amazing, anyway. The show was scheduled to go 2 hours, but the first half of the show was pretty much all Stephen Fry. He came out on his own and talked to the audience about the last time he came to Brisbane (back when he was in the Cambridge Footlights with Hugh Laurie and Emma Thompson) and about all other assorted matters, including the genesis of QI. And it was fantastic and very much like the show I went to in Melbourne last year.

The second half of the evening was the actual show- I can't be sure, but I think it might have been recorded for dvd? Stephen introduced the panellists one by one, and I hate to say it, but....they weren't the most inspiring trio. :/ Because the show has toured Perth and Melbourne as well as Brisbane, the program had a list of possible panellists, pretty much all Australian comedians/tv personalities, and there were some awesome ones- Sean Micallef, Adam Spencer, Red Symons, Julia Zemiro....and I would have been excited if any of these people were on the panel. As it was though, they were kind of.....not exactly bad, but not the best fit for QI. We had Jono Coleman (Aussie DJ who hit it big in Britain on Virgin Radio), Kitty Flanagan (ex-Full Frontal who has been a panellist on the show before IIRC) and the best of the lot, Akmal Saleh (who pops up on Good News Week and knows his way around a comedy panel show). Flanagan and Saleh were pretty good, but Jono Coleman was a disaster- he doesn't have the right humour for QI and some of his jokes really fell flat. And of course, there was Alan Davies, who was flawless and funny and possibly on a sugar high (he has fallen in love with Cadbury Crunchy bars, something very easy to do here in Oz).

It was a Halloween-themed show- some of the questions were taken from previous episodes and I heard some reviewers complain about that, but I didn't mind hearing them again- it's worth it just to hear how a different comedian will spin an answer. There was a bit of audience participation- I honestly wish now that I'd picked seats closer to the front, as shouting out the correct answer earned you a chocolate from Alan or Stephen- in fact, the show ended with the remaining chocolates being tossed into the audience. Just shouted out an answer once- the alternate title to Frankenstein, and that's because I was in the middle of re-reading it (wanted something classic to read on Halloween).

Overall, a lot of fun even in spite of the panellists- the ticket price was worth it just for hearing Stephen talk at the beginning. I think I'd go again, but I'd want to know who the panellists were- I guess that takes the element of surprise out of it, but anyway.

Work has been all-consuming. Except for one glorious day last week when the power in my office building went out and I got to go home at lunchtime. I'll finish being a newbie in December, when the traineeship wraps up, and I'm looking forward to that.

One other thing I'm looking forward to: series 2 of Rev. Particularly after hearing that REG and Ralph Fiennes are going to be popping up in guest star roles! It starts next week, and I can't wait. <3
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Sherlock- my brother&#39;s keeper

Yes, it's been over month since I updated.

I've gotten in the mindset over the past couple of years while doing my librarian course, that if I've got an assignment due, then I shouldn't be blogging. It's completely silly and not blogging really didn't affect my work ethic. After all these years, it's as crappy as ever. But the assignment is being submitted online tonight, and I finally feel like I can update with a clear conscience.

I feel like I should be summarizing the past month in bullet points, so:

* The big thing I have to tell LJ is that I TOTALLY SAW WILLEM DAFOE WHEN HE CAME TO BRISBANE LAST WEEK. He's promoting 'The Hunter', a film he made in Tasmania last year and I scored tickets to a preview screening where he was part of a q&a with the director. He is amazing in the flesh, I was in awe (but not quite as in awe as I was with REG). But he was super cool and so much shorter than I imagined (and wiry- he is fit as hell).

* Bought tickets to see John Cleese when he's in town next year. Can't wait to hear what he has to say about Brisbane......I'm sure it will be dead on and acerbic as hell.

* Spent a whole weekend becoming familiar with Horrible Histories (the BBC live action series, not that crappy animated one). I'm burning all the episodes onto disc for my nephew. RA-RA-CLEOPATRA!

* I'm not actually up to speed with Doctor Who. :( On account of the assignment, I stored up the episodes on Foxtel and will probably watch them this week. I actually have a ton of tv to catch up on- all 4 parts of The Crimson Petal and the White and a ton of other things. Going to re-watch Sherlock as well, since the teaser bits in the Beeb trailer have got me wanting more.

* Work is....work. Don't actually feel like posting about it, largely because I made an incredibly huge error at work today and despite my supervisor being completely cool and understanding about it, I have to hold myself to account. But today aside, everything's going pretty smoothly. Our American CEO is in town and we all have to sit down and watch this webscast meeting/conference thing he's holding tomorrow.

And that's about as much as I can manage. Going to bed early tonight for the first time in quite a while. Yay!
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The Egyptologist

Saturday morning update

I went down to Melbourne for the Tutankhamun exhibit last week. My friend I were expecting the museum to be full of people- my aunt said she queued for half an hour to get in- but because it was a Thursday afternoon there were way less visitors, so we could look at everything without having to move on in a hurry. I took my old and battered copy of Christiane Desroche Noblecourt's Tutankhamun and the little volume of Manetho I bought in March with me and checked the info in the books against the exhibit descriptions and information. It was great!

Obviously went and checked out all the bookshops while I was down there too- I ended up buying the first Marcus Didius Falco novel at the Carlton Readings, even though I told myself I was going to finish reading Steven Saylor's Roma Sub Rosa books before starting on another 'private detective in ancient Rome' series. Also bought 'The Crimson Petal and the White', as the miniseries (featuring REG!) is airing on UKTV next week and I'd been thinking about buying it anyway. Bought a couple of Horrible Histories books (Awesome Egyptians and Rotten Romans) for my 9 year-old nephew too, because if I'm going to get him interested in classics, now is the time!

I'm doing more training on my job now, rather than sitting in classrooms with an instructor. It's a little bit nerve wracking because doc control requires a high degree of accuracy, but I haven't made any major missteps so far. I've felt quite wistful about it lately though; my would-be PhD thesis supervisor Rick has gone to Britain on a teaching sabbatical at Cambridge and I'm a bit jealous and feeling far removed from where I'd hoped to be. I'm resolved to claw my way back to postgrad....I just wish I had a decent strategy as to how I can do it.

I'm studying research and evaluation this semester for my librarian course. I think I should have applied for credit honestly (the research methodology subject I took for my honours covered a lot of the same areas this course does)- it's a boring subject and the first assignment which I submitted on Monday night was a piece of cake. Still haven't had word back from CSU about whether my application for an approved withdrawal from the placement subject has been successful. Think I'll have to ring them on Monday and badger them about it (augh, I hope it hasn't been lost in the mail- I had to chase up a JP to get the paperwork witnessed and I don't want to go through that again...).

Still watching Miracle Day; I kind of feel like the plot's a bit scattered? Haven't seen episode 8 yet (it's on tonight), but we haven't seen Oswald Danes for the past two eps and the pace really seems to have slowed down a bit. I did like the last episode though- there was a deliberate Doctor Who vibe to it, which was fun (the nightmare fuel wasn't so much fun though- ahhhhh! :O). Going to be re-watching The Borgias, since it's starting on cable this week. And I'll probably wait the week and watch Doctor Who when it airs on Aunty next week. Been watching the second series of Kingdom, which isn't the greatest television but Stephen Fry does improve most of the stuff he appears in.

Feeling very rested and relaxed this morning and planning on spending the whole day doing nothing but reading and making my way through the paper. Woo!
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*brain explodes*

Non-spoilery Torchwood thoughts

Caught up on Torchwood earlier. I think I need a hug. D: Uncle Rusty isn't exactly alienating so much as pissing off fans, although my first reaction after watching the latest episode was 'Ok, I'M NOT WATCHING THIS AT NIGHT ANYMORE DDDDDD:'. The nightmare fuel is strong with this one, and though it'd be hard to beat CoE for a crapsack world setting, I think this is pretty much worse. Next time I'm going to have to watch some meaningless happy fluff afterwards, maybe Hotel Babylon or a Doctor Who episode where Everybody Lives in a good way.

(Incidentally, if the Doctor was involved in this, he'd probably have it all sorted out in a 3-parter. As always when it comes to Torchwood, he is conspicuous by his absence, particularly when he/the TARDIS seem to instinctively know when something is rotten in the state of Denmark.)

Got assignment work to do, but instead I've spent most of the day cataloguing my books on LibraryThing instead. FAIL, GOING TO DO SOME WORK NOW.
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Doctor squee!

Hope this posts (trying out Semagic)

Looks like LJ's working for Aussie IPs again. Yay!

Not that I have a lot to post about, except for....


STEPHEN FRY IS COMING TO BRISBANE. MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED. I'd been hoping after his flying visit last year that Stephen would come back, and he is! AND HE'S BRINGING ALAN DAVIES WITH HIM!

There is not enough SQUEE in the world, guys. OMG.

Also good news: the Sci-Fi Channel here are going to be showing Classic Who from next month! Oddly enough, they're only showing Four's eps....IDK, maybe they wanted to start with one of the more visible and well-known Doctors? Hopefully the other eras will follow. This is definitely good news though, because the BBC have been pretty bullheaded about rerun rights to Classic Who outside the UK (the ABC reran the entire run of Classic Who from One onwards nearly 10 years ago but were not allowed to rerun the episodes after that), so that they've finally given the go-ahead is great. Not so good for non-cable subscribers though. :/
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Lucius Malfoy has auctoritas

Ho hum.

Employer gave me a letter to get out of jury duty, yay, but I've been told that it's because of being a trainee. They probably won't do it again unless there's a really good reason. This is my second time getting out of jury duty...here's to hoping it's another five years before I get my next notice.

I'm feeling kind of meh about Torchwood: Miracle Day. I think I'm just watching for Gwen at the moment, because she is being a total bamf in this series, but I also like the pacing of the series and think that Torchwood works well in this miniseries format. I don't care much for the Oswald Danes subplot though, and the new characters just aren't as interesting as Owen/Tosh/Ianto. I also wonder how Uncle Rusty is going to piss off the fans this time, because I'm sure there'll be something to put their collective nose out of joint (although killing off Ianto is pretty hard to beat in that respect).

Switched on the tv this afternoon and who do I see in an old Inspector Morse rerun? A super-young Jason Isaacs. Think he's more attractive now than he was then, to be honest. I'm looking forward to his new show next year....looks almost like a cross between Sliding Doors and Life on Mars!
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