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Vox Audita Perrit, Literra Scripta Manet....
The heard word is lost, the written letter remains...
I was mostly satisfied with part 2, though the whole film felt a bit unbalanced as it was pretty much all the Battle of Hogwarts and very little else.

I'll try and break this down in bullet points, otherwise it's going to be a wall o'text.Collapse )

If I had to pick my favourite adaptation, it'd probably be PoA. I still don't understand why it got so much hate, the films needed to get darker and less whimsical than the first two and I regret that Alfonso Cuaron didn't stick around to direct future films; it also had the best score of all the films IMHO. I still have a soft spot for Philosopher's Stone too, just because it was the first film and seeing all the characters on the screen for the first time was, uh, kind of magic? Also, Ian Hart- I am a total stan for him now because of his playing Quirrell. FIERCE, FLAWLESS, FUTURE OSCAR WINNER, BEST ACTOR TO PLAY JOHN LENNON, ETC.

I've spent this past week living with a mild cold that reduced my voice to a croak and yet was still not severe enough to merit me taking off time from work (which I wouldn't want to do anyway, as a newbie). There has been a lot of coughing and nasties coming from my throat and nose, but I haven't really felt that crap, oddly enough.

Got a summons for jury duty in the mail yesterday, fml. Think I'll probably be able to get out of it- my New Employer has taken me on as a trainee and I'm required to work a forty hour week as a trainee and attend training sessions- but it's more that I'll have to wait until Monday before I can get on the phone to my work supervisor and beg him to give me a written declaration stating that I can't possibly serve on a jury at this time. I dread the prospect, though mum did jury duty earlier this year and was actually surprised at how much the courts compensated her for it. But still, the prospect of missing out on training for a prolonged period bothers me and I'm hoping to wriggle out of this as soon as possible.

I haven't had a chance to watch the new Torchwood eps yet either. I think tomorrow afternoon is going to be devoted to catching up on my tv viewing.

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After getting up early to feed the pets this morning and subsequently going back to bed, I was re-awakened about half an hour later by Trotsky's mewing. Trotsky only mews when he's got something to show me. Today, it was a little critter lying under one of the chairs in the kitchen he'd brought in. Upon first sight I thought it was dead, but when I knelt down to pick it up in a tissue, I found that it was still breathing. I gave it a careful look-over and despite some missing fur, Trotsky had not actually done any injury to the animal, though it was in serious shock. I wrapped it in the tissue, then my handkerchief and deposited it in my dressing gown pocket.

At first sight I thought he might be a baby possum, and then after some googling, just a common mouse. But as this mouse had a pointy snout, a different set of teeth and didn't look like a normal rodent, I did more googling, and he turned out to be this charming little creature below.

A Brown Antechinus, for those wondering. They are a species of marsupial mouse and I honestly had no clue that that they lived around here. /themoreyouknow.gif

I rang a 24 hour wildlife hotline, but the woman I inadvertantly woke up on the other end really couldn't suggest much, as the mouse wasn't injured. In the end, I kept the mouse in my pocket for a while and then he ended up in a shoebox with a heatpad. I was expecting I'd have to keep an eye on him all day, but by the time I had to leave for church he seemed to have fully recovered- he was scrambling around the box and quite keen to get out. I ended up letting him out under the house, since I figured he'd want to go somewhere dark and quiet.

Felt stupidly relieved that the mouse was ok. And pissed off at Trotsky for pulling this shit for umpteenth time. Trotsky doesn't hunt for food, he hunts for sport, which is probably why the mouse came out relatively unscathed.

The first hymn we sang at mass today was 'All Creatures of Our God and King'. It seemed oddly fitting.

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So, the new job- not really a lot to tell yet, since it's been training and this training is basically going to be my life for the next 6 months. I and the other trainees have been talked at mostly- the trainers seem to be attempting to cram as much information into our heads as possible in the shortest space of time. My new workplace is the sort of place where you need swipe cards to get into most areas and they probably wouldn't look kindly on employees blogging about them, which is why I'm not referring to them by name here. Everybody is friendly though and there's a huge emphasis on the company being like a family- in fact, they are not at all shy about hiring relatives of other employees. So yeah. The commute isn't so bad, though my leaving time in the morning is basically the coldest time of the day, which isn't so fun when Brisbane seems to be having a much colder winter than normal right now.

I've passed the cataloguing/description subject. Not at all perfect, but at least the damn thing is out of the way. Pretty much the worst subject I've ever had to do, and the course lecturer was absolutely no help- the fact that she left students hanging for a week before replying to give approval for the thesaurus topic really annoyed me. And any subject that includes forum participation as an assessment item is automatically on my shit list. As for my other subject, I was supposed to get the result for the group assignment 11 days ago, but so far nothing. This was a good subject (on management in libraries) and the course co-ordinator was great but he's really dragged his feet on getting results back- he hasn't even offered an explanation for the delay yet.

As a parting gift last week, a friend at the TAFE gave me the Sky adaptation of 'The Colour of Magic' on DVD. Might just watch that this weekend. I've been catching up on the final episodes of the latest season of House in the last couple of days and I think I'm just about ready to give up on the show. The formula's gotten so tired and I just wish Fox would put it out of its misery. Would really like to see Hugh Laurie being brilliant in something else, and preferably with his natural accent. Also he should totally write that sequel to 'The Gun Seller' that I was silly enough to try pre-ordering on Amazon a few years ago without realizing that he hadn't even begun writing it, sigh.

Stephen Colbert was glorious on TCR tonight. I was squeeing like crazy when it was first reported that he and Jack White were collaborating and it was everything I'd hoped for and then some. The Catholic smackdown between them that was left out of the show was just the icing on the cake!

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I'd been feeling a bit odd in the past day or two, and last night I discovered why: there was a lovely little paralysis tick that managed to clamp onto a little spot in my hair. I now have a sore and itchy goose egg where it was. I'm not entirely sure where it's come from, but Max and Trotsky are prime suspects- I've had to remove a number of these little annoyances from them in the past month or so.

My last day at the bookshop is tomorrow. I'm feeling rather sad about leaving at the moment, but I think half of that is down to feeling comfortable in the job and the other half is complete and utter fear at what's in store for me next week with my New Employer. I have an endless stream of what ifs going through my head right now, the biggest one being 'What if I don't get along with my new colleagues?'. When I talk about being comfortable in my job, a lot that comes down the people I work with, because the shop's a small operation and we're a closeknit unit. I'm not sure how I'll deal with a large workplace (and this is going to be a large workplace, as New Employer is a multi-national company with at least 3 office locations in Brisbane alone) and whether that'll allow for the same closeness. Trying to be optimistic though....I'm one of 10 trainees, so we're all on the same level together and perhaps that will allow for good relationships.

In any event, I'm not going to miss the rush period at the beginning of semester or cranky customers and frustration of having to go through all this for yet another year. Must try and look at the positives of this more. Spent a bit of time last night feeling depressed about having to put my PhD aspirations back for at least another 6 months, but at least with this job I'll be earning enough to put myself in a comfortable position when I'm ready to begin writing and researching in earnest (this includes the research trip to Naples that I've been thinking about for the past 2 years).

And that's probably enough weeping and gnashing of teeth for the moment. Onto better things!

Watched the first episode of the Upstairs Downstairs sequel this evening. It was quite good, though I'm puzzled that this series is just 3 episodes long and those episodes are only going for an hour. They're going to have to pack a fair bit in, but it was a good production and the cast is fabulous, especially Eileen Atkins. Giving Downton Abbey a miss for the moment, but that's only because it's being broadcast on Channel 7 and I'm reasonably sure they're cutting stuff out to make room for commercials. *grumble* I'll probably get it when it comes out on DVD.

I saw the Doctor Who sort-of-finale at Libby's the other night. Probably not as surprised by The Reveal as I would've been....cut for spoilerCollapse ) All in all it was a good finale. I'm convinced that we haven't seen the last of Madame Kovarian- can't help but think she's a fobwatched Rani- the genetic experiments and the way she talked seemed quite Rani-ish to me, and another spoilerCollapse ) just seems like something the Rani would do. My theory will probably be jossed when part 2 of series six airs, but I'm enjoying it at the moment.

Not particularly bothered by the fact we're not getting a full series 7 in 2012....I think it's the Moff trolling the fandom again. The tweet he made after the announcement came out hints at something special for 2012 anyway. I wouldn't even mind if it was a year of specials like we had before David Tennant's departure. Just hoping that 2013 will be THE year for Who- the 50th anniversary should be epic and must have an appropriate buildup. Fingers crossed they bring back Paul McGann.

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Cut for some minor spoilers.Collapse )

Don't even get me started on Doctor Who. EYEPATCH LADY IS FREAKING ME OUT SFM. I'm so ready for some plot resolution right now, I think I'm going to have to DL the episode tomorrow. Except that The Grand Moff is such a troll about plotlines, we may not even get a real plot resolution. ARGH, WHAT DO I DO?

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Held off on updates yet again, this time because of assignments. Group assignment turned out surprisingly well, probably because we all got along very well; I spent more time on this assignment too, since I didn't want to let down the other group members by writing something crap at the last minute. The thesaurus assignment on the other hand was complete and utter rubbish although I think it still met all the criteria. I just didn't spend nearly as much time on it as I should have. Maybe if that had been a group assignment it would've turned out better, idk.

Incidentally, I'm reliably informed that all this assessment and stuff I'm learning doesn't actually matter that much once I get a job in a library. Excellent.

Australia Post has the best sense of timing. Come home after finishing work and assignments and find that my pre-ordered copy of Sophia McDougall's 'Savage City' (the last book in her Romanitas trilogy) has arrived from Fishpond. Looking forward to reading that, and I'm off to see PotC 4 tomorrow. Guilt-free relaxation at last!

Got a ton of paperwork last week to fill in and return to my New Employer. Feeling excited but also nervous, possibly because I've grown very comfortable in retail and this is going to be a lot harder. Trying to be positive though....if nothing else, it'll do wonders for my work ethic.

My reaction to Neil Gaiman's Doctor Who ep can be summed up in fandom terms as 'SHAKING AND CRYING', it was that good. The Rebel Flesh was always going to appear meh by comparison (particular as the first half of a two-parter), but it was just so nice to see Marshall Lancaster back on my tv again (he needs a show!).

Now, off to sleep- my first (reasonably) early night in a few weeks.

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So I'm listening to Radio National (kind of like your NPR, Americans) and they're playing some rockin' blues music and I'm thinking 'This guy sounds kinda familiar, wut.'

Radio announcer: That was Hugh Laurie on vocals and guitar, yadayadayada.

Me: Uh....o_o

I knew he had an album coming, but zomg. MUST BUY NOW.

Stupid Edit

Just realised that I recorded Graham Norton the other night because he was on to perform. ARGH, MUST WATCH THIS TOO.

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My new employer have pushed my starting date back 2 weeks. So preoccupied with assignments right now that I don't really care, just as long as I know I've got my ticket out of retail.

Went to an excellent public lecture on relics last Saturday. Kind of excited about writing a thesis in this field- remember, it's the Catholic church that put jewel and gold-encrusted skeletons in their altars for everyone to see!

(Incidentally, the entire series of 'Disturbing Relics Week' posts are possibly the best ever showcase of just how creepy relics are. I LOVE IT. Seriously, you could produce a coffee table book out of this material.)

Have not reviewed either Day of the Moon or The Black Spot, so....

Just some general thoughts on what I've seen so farCollapse )

THE RAPTURE BETTER NOT HAPPEN BEFORE I WATCH 'THE DOCTOR'S WIFE' TONIGHT. After all the squeeing I'm expecting something truly epic/heartbreaking.

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I managed to get through all the Easter services without a problem. Felt pretty good about it, actually- as a group, we servers seem to be much happier and relaxed group after what was a crappy start to the year.

I watched the David Tennant Hamlet on Easter Sunday and....didn't like it as much as the Kenneth Branagh production. I think it lost out on the setting- I enjoyed that Branagh's interpretation was quite sumptuous in terms of the setting and the costumes (and maybe even the cast, considering the stars he cast to play the bit parts), this one was a touch more spartan and as a friend told me this afternoon, looked more like a stage production. That said, David Tennant and Patrick Stewart gave great performances (as was the actor playing Polonius, whose name escapes me right now), and as we all know Tennant plays crazed characters very well. Looking forward more to seeing what he does as Benedick, a more acerbic and comedic part (please, please give us a televised version of this!).

Tired and sniffly as a consequence of spring-cleaning my room this afternoon. My room seems to be ripe territory for dust bunnies even when I clean it regularly. :/ I tuned in very briefly to the CNN coverage on the royal wedding last night and saw footage of the most ridiculous parade of hats I've ever seen (I blame Lady Gaga- everyone thinks they can pull off edgy and avant garde designs now, ugh). Kate- no, sorry, Catherine looked beautiful and the dress was lovely, though I liked the maid of honour's dress much more. And that's about it, considering my political leanings- I'd like to see Australia become a republic within my lifetime, though that seems to be increasingly unlikely...

Really though, the big event of this long weekend is Doctor Who.

Skip the week-long wait and download Day of the Moon tomorrow Y/Y?Collapse )

Time for another anti-histamine and bed, I think.

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Who didn't love Sarah Jane? Maybe I just live in a sheltered part of the Who fandom, but like the Brig, I think Sarah Jane was a universally loved character, and a lot of that was down to Lis Sladen being a lovely person (as well as Sarah Jane being a complete bamf when the occasion called for it). Will miss her presence in the Whoniverse and hope she gets the send off she deserves.

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